The Care Of The Teeth

The Care Of The Teeth

A famous character in one of Miguel de Cervantes’ works claimed that, “every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.” Indeed, he did not exaggerate.

So, lets’ see what can, or rather should be done to keep this invaluable jewel in good condition.

Important Measures

Important Measures

Fluoridation is the controlled addition of some of the fluoride (a compound containing fluorine) to the water – usually one part of fluoride is used to one million parts of water. Studies have shown that this public-health measure will reduce the number of dental-carries cases by something like two-thirds.

When children living in the city of Evanston, Illinois, were subjected to fluoridation over a period of years, researchers found notable decreases in the number of decayed, missing and filled teeth. Hence, every state dental society in the United States has approved fluoridation as safe and effective, so have numerous science and health groups, including the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, the United States Public Health Service, the Commission on Chronic Illness, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Nurses Association. Various other representative groups could be added to this imposing list.

Another preventive measure that is stressed by the dental profession is, of course, tooth brushing – why didn’t we grow up hearing that from our parents all the time?

A toothbrush alone can remove food particles and other deposits from between the teeth and from the crevices of the chewing surfaces. It also helps prevent tartar deposits from forming on the teeth and contributes to the health of the gums. The teeth should be brushed immediately after a meal or a snack (particularly a sweet snack). If it is not possible to do, the mouth should be at least rinsed with water.

I know you’ve been doing it for years and you don’t need someone to tell you that, but still here are some rules for brushing the teeth:

  • Brush the upper teeth with downward strokes, the lower teeth with upward strokes
  • Brush chewing surfaces with a scrubbing stroke
  • Brush each area at least ten times, including the surfaces next to the tongue as well as those next to the cheek
  • Brush the teeth of each jaw separately

Mouthwashes have been extensively advertised but are of doubtful value. Medicated mouthwashes should be used only on the recommendation of a dentist.

The care of the teeth

Another factor in dental health is a sensible diet – it is particularly important to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, particularly sweets. Carbohydrates are essential in the diet to provide the energy necessary for muscular activity and for other functions of the body. However, the consumption of sugar has increased, particularly in the United States, far beyond the normal needs of the diet. The average American ate twelve pounds of sugar in 1830, shockingly, he now eats about one hundred pounds a year.

Preventive measures such as proper toothbrushing, fluoridation of water or application of fluorides to the teeth and reduction in the consumption of sweets are very helpful. However, they cannot completely eliminate dental disorders. To control and prevent dental caries, periodontal diseases and malocclusion, regular and frequent dental care is vital.

Now, when it comes to kids, if they are between the ages of two and a half and three years – that is shortly after all the deciduous teeth have erupted, they should pay their first visit to the dentist. And, if you are looking for a dentist with a child-driendly approach, Dr. Julia Bunker of Dental Choice of Melbourne, LLC is the best option you have.

Early and frequent visits enable the dentist to detect the first symptoms of dental disease and irregularities in the growth pattern. Defects can then be corrected with a minimum of discomfort. In general, visits should be made every six months.

So, if you are ready to book, say, a family appointment, why don’t you contact Dental Choice of Melbourne, LLC?

















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