Common Myths about Braces

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Most of us have had braces as adolescents or know of someone who has had braces at some point in their lives. Let me tell you that mixing teenager’s mood swings and braces is not a good combo; I am speaking from experience here; I was a cranky teen but got crankier and more combative after I had my braces, but this all mellowed down as I grew older and learnt to control my emotions and outbursts. The combination of the two didn’t mix well, and my mom can speak on that because she was there for all my blow-ups and break down, but braces are necessary to get straight teeth if you have crooked ones, to begin with. However, though most of us know the basics or bare minimum about braces, there are still many myths about them that need debunking. So, without further ado, let’s debunk some myths.

#Myth 1- Braces are for kids and adolescents


I don’t know where this myth started, but it is entirely unfounded. Granted that we see primarily young adults wearing them, but there is no actual age limit for you to wear braces, well except if you have no teeth, that’s another issue of its own that we don’t have time to deal with today. There is actually no time frame for you to get the perfect smile of your dream, and braces are for literally everyone, irrespective of your age. According to studies, nearly one in every four adults wears braces because they want straighter teeth.

#Myth 2- Braces rust


Well, the logic kind of makes sense, metal rust with water and our mouth is constantly in contact with liquid; if not saliva, it is the drink we are consuming. But this is another myth that makes people wary of braces. I am here to finally put an end to this ridiculous myth; of course, it is false. With years of research and innovation, the metal used in braces is waterproof and resist rust, so even if you have had braces for years, they will never, and I repeat, never rust.

#Myth 3- They will set off metal detectors


Well, this one is a long-standing myth, but it’s completely unfounded; you’ve most likely watched this in movies, but if you go through a metal detector with your braces. This is because the metal in braces is extremely lightweight, and there isn’t enough metal in your braces to actually set the alarm off. The braces are almost invisible for the detector and a non-issue that they will never flag unless you have another metal object in your possession. Metal detectors have a threshold that they need to reach before they set off, and otherwise, the zip in your pants will set them off. So, you don’t have to worry next time you go to the airport; you are safe, your braces won’t set off the detectors. 

#Myth 4- Braces can interfere with radio and electronic devices


I’d like to start by saying that this would be a nifty trick to have in your pocket; imagine how popular you would be in school if you could control the radio with your braces. Pretty rad right, well, sorry to burst your bubble, but this is also a big lie. You actually can’t do this even, so it sounds fantastic. Neither metal braces nor their clear counterparts can interfere with signals and devices of any kind, but this may be where the future of braces is going; maybe in the future, this myth will become a reality.

#Myth 5- Braces are magnetic


Okay, one fun fact, your braces will also not be stuck to magnets if you are ever near them. This is because the magnet used in crafting braces isn’t magnetic, so they won’t react when they are in contact with a magnet. Of all the myths in the list, this one is one of the easiest ones to test on our list. If you currently have braces, you can try this, try sticking the fridge magnet to your braces, and just see if it actually sticks. I’ll save you the trouble; it will fall to the ground and won’t work because braces are not magnetized.

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