The Strangest Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard of (Part 2)

There are pretty common fears, such as, for example, the fear of heights or the fear of snakes. But there are also bizarre phobias, so much so that they would never occur to us. People who have a phobia cannot control it, and in extreme cases, it affects their daily development. In this article, Hello Sites tells you about the rarest phobias in the world. If you haven’t yet read the first part of this article, check it out now!



Scary Clown Chases us in The House - We Run and Hide Scared - YouTube

This phobia, called coulrophobia, generates a deep panic in people who see a clown or simply the image of a clown. Most likely, coulrophobia originates in the childhood of the people who suffer from it.


Aerophobia (Fear of URINE)

In the list of strange phobias could not miss the persistent and unjustified fear of urine or urination. Some experts associate it with the shame of exercising their physiological needs. Urophobes even avoid urinating in the year of the family home or anywhere else.



How to Overcome the Fear of Sleep (Somniphobia) - Terry Cralle

There is also a sleep phobia, and its name is somniphobia. This phobia can be caused by inevitable extreme nightmares that these people have had. Those who have somniphobia usually believe that, while they sleep, something irreversible can happen to them: die. It is a widespread phobia in children.


Geniophobia (Fear of TOUCHING THE CHIN)

The fear of touching one’s own chin or others is representative of other phobias associated with parts of the body, such as xenophobia (fear of the knees) or chirophobia (of the hands).



11 Amazing Facts About Navels

There is also a phobia of the navels, and it is called omphalophobia. This phobia not only represents the fear of the navels of others, but many people who suffer from it cannot see or touch their own navel.



People who have dendrophobia, a morbid fear of trees, suffer anxiety and panic when approaching a tree. This phobia extends to any part of the tree: branches, leaves, roots. They also often do not tolerate seeing the image of a tree.


Phalacrophobia (Fear of Going BALD)

How Long Does it Take to Go Bald? The Answer May Surprise You

It is also known as peladophobia. The object of fear is the fact of thinking bald or seeing people with baldness. Apparently, the origin of this phobia dates back to some traumatic experience that, in some way, was linked to a person without hair.


Rain Phobia

This phobia is another phobia, like the fear of money or trees, that can affect daily life: the fear of rain, a phobia called ombrophobia. People who suffer from this fear panic at the simple possibility of getting wet with rainwater and often carry an umbrella or a pilot with them even when it is sunny. Many of these people had a rain-related traumatic event, such as being stranded in the middle of a storm.


Eisoptrophobia (Fear of MIRRORS)

Spectrophobia | Horror

Mirror panic, sometimes generalized to all reflective surfaces, could be associated with a superstitious fear of breaking them and fear of bad luck.


Arachibutyrophobia (Fear of JAPANESE PEANUTS)

Someone having arachibutyrophobia will never buy Japanese peanuts or try them when they are the appetizer at a party or party because they live in anguish at the possibility that the peanut shells stick to their palate.


The Pope

Papaphobia | Phobia Wiki | Fandom

As weird as this might sound, there’s indeed a phobia of the Pope (the head of the Catholic Church). And its name is the easiest of all: papaphobia. In general, this phobia is not limited only to the Pope’s figure but also to bishops, priests, and other cult members.


Haphephobia (Fear of Being TOUCHED)

Aphenphosmphobia - fear of being touched | Dark photography, Portrait photography, Art photography

How many pleasures will the ones with haphephobia deprive themselves off? These people show a permanent dislike and refusal to be touched. Those who suffer from this disease cannot bear the physical contact of others.


Onomatophobia (Fear of NAMES)

People with this phobia literally cannot bear to pronounce or even hear certain names, sometimes not even their own.



Social Enterprises - WYCAS

This phobia is the “irrational, obsessive and anguished fear towards certain situations, things, people.” People who have a phobia cannot do anything to avoid it.


Rectophobia (Fear of RECTAL DISEASES)

This term is used to designate irrational fear of the anus or rectal diseases. Rectophobics will avoid contact with this part of the body at all costs and will live worried about suffering some evil in this place.


Ephebiphobia (Fear of YOUNG PEOPLE)

Young people, health and wellbeing strategy 2017–19

Subjects feel threatened by the proximity of young people. It is one of several phobias linked to age groups.


So, what did you think about these phobias? Share your thoughts in the comment sections below!


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