Top 5 Benefits of Listening to Music While Exercising

Are you one of those who like to practice running and never forget headphones? Are you unable to work out properly when the right music is not being played at the gym? Even if you think they are manias, there may be other reasons behind it!

Choosing the right songs according to the exercise you are going to practice will help you avoid extreme fatigue since the brain will be focused on the music. Music is a universal language. It has the great particularity of connecting people through similar emotions, putting us in tune even with moments in our life that seemed forgotten and we remember. It invites us to dance and tune in with our bodies. Therefore, the many benefits of listening to music while exercising are not surprising. But music is not only capable of connecting us: it is also capable of disconnecting us. Although it sounds paradoxical, it is a skill that the right song has. In effect, it allows us to distract ourselves from current problems or situations and to move to happier or quieter places. When it comes to exercise, music is an excellent companion to boost performance in training. It becomes a motivational element and distracting us; it prevents us from being aware of how much time has passed or how much is missing.

Researchers say that music is capable of distracting the athlete from his body awareness. Keep him from concentrating on pain and exhaustion. Therefore, it gives the feeling that we can endure the routine longer and better. This feeling translates into safety and, thus, more performance. Therefore, know below the top five benefits of listening to music while you exercise.


#1. Music Increases Motivation

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Music stimulates the motor cortex, which results in a lot of activation of the body. The brain sends signals to move and be energetic, synchronized with the exercise we are doing. In this way, we will be full of power to take on the exercise that comes. It is best to look for music whose cadence and rhythm are in sync with the exercise’s intensity. Thus, the song will have the highest beat when you are at the most challenging point of the routine and will go down when it is time to rest and keep your body warm.


#2. We All Have a Song

Although science does not have an accurate explanation, for everyone, there is a good song. It takes us to a better place and makes us feel full of energy and vitality. He inevitably invites us to get up from the chair and move.

  • Most of the time, the impact of that song has to do with the moment and what you were doing the first time you heard it.
  • Therefore, linking a song that fills us with vitality with exercise is simple. You will achieve your routine without much difficulty.


#3. Music is Distracting

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As we have mentioned, music can distract us and allow us to endure the exercise much longer. In effect, it causes the brain to allocate a large amount of its energy and concentration to the rhythm and, in many cases, to the lyrics, forcing us to follow it.

  • When the brain is involved in this process, it is easy for it to ignore the physical impact that the routine is having. Pain, discomfort, or fatigue may go unnoticed.
  • Some studies have shown that music can make you perform 15% more than usual in your training.


#4. Music Improves Your Mood

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The combination of music and exercise is an excellent ally of the mood. Both are capable of flooding our brain with serotonin, the hormone of happiness and well-being, which is why they give excellent results. A quite animated song and a good exercise routine stand out among the recommendations to combat stress, depression, anxiety or other pictures. Also, they are friends from your interpersonal relationships. Indeed, by being in a better mood, you can better deal with the environment and the challenges that arise.


#5. Music Makes You Move

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The brain finds in music a stimulus that cannot be ignored. Listening to some good music prompts us to want to move since it activates specific receptors. Normally, the movement triggers in dance, which is one of the most fun forms of exercise. However, with a bit of determination, the need to move can lead to exercises. As we have mentioned, it is recommended that you synchronize them with the music. Even music can help you get through your walking or jogging routine better because it helps you stay stimulated.


Now you know the benefits of listening to music while exercising. Put it into practice!


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