Top 9 Things To Know About Pregnancy


Your desire to get pregnant should add excitement to your life, not poison your life. Waiting for a child to be conceived is often painful because it creates doubt about whether I will ever have a child of my own. During this time, work as a team with your partner to increase your fertility level and succeed in conceiving the most wonderful baby. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about getting pregnant.

1. Have sex often and at the right time


The first must for getting pregnant is to have sex and do it during your fertile period. For women who have a cycle that usually lasts 28 days, it is relatively easy to spot the ovulation period. Generally speaking, it is around day 14. The four days before and after are also good for fertilization since the average lifespan of sperm is four days, and the average lifespan of the egg is 48 hours.

2. Use an ovulation test

Women who do not have a regular menstrual cycle can use an ovulation test. This is a urine test that detects the increase in luteinizing hormone, which coincides with the ovulation period. You can then easily target the optimal time to have sex and plan a little romantic evening!

3. Choose certain positions and aim for orgasm

There’s no such thing as the ideal position for getting pregnant, but it seems better not to have gravity against you. For this reason, you should favor positions where you lie on your back or side. Orgasm, on the other hand, is in no way related to ovulation, but it would allow more sperm to pass into the uterus, thanks to the contractions it causes. Regardless of the position you choose and whether or not you reach orgasm, the secret probably lies more in the fact that you enjoy it rather than doing it mechanically.

4. Reduce your coffee consumption


Some studies, including one from the University of Nevada School of Medicine, show that caffeine has a negative impact on women’s fertility. Caffeine is said to cause the relaxation of the cells in the muscles of the fallopian tubes. The role of the fallopian tubes is to transport the eggs to the uterus. The consumption of coffee would thus come to harm their migration. For the moment, studies do not specify how much coffee would have a negative impact on fertility. Discuss this with your doctor.

5. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption is one of the main problems for fertility. It should be avoided or at least reduced when a couple is trying to conceive. In fact, drinking two to three glasses of alcohol a day significantly affects fertility in both women and men.

6. Get away from stressors

Not all stressors are negative, far from it. However, there is a correlation between stress and infertility. Don’t put yourself in stressful situations to stack the odds in your favor. If you can’t avoid them, find ways to relax.

7. Eat a balanced diet 


What you eat affects your metabolism and, in turn, your fertility level. Don’t go on a crash diet or binge eat, but make sure you eat a variety of balanced meals and exercise on a daily basis if possible. This statement is true for both men and women.

8. Add key foods to your menu or take supplements

Many foods promote fertility in women and increase fertility in men. Turn to those rich in vitamin C (oranges, peppers, and broccoli), folic acid (beans and spinach), Omega 3 (fish), zinc (crab and oysters), and calcium and vitamin D (cheese, milk, and yogurt). Of course, if you can’t eat all of these foods on a daily basis, supplements can be combined with a healthy diet.

9. Whenever possible, don’t delay having a baby… age has a significant impact on fertility

Fertility levels decline with age. A woman’s fertility peak is in her 20s. Thereafter, the fertility level decreases quietly, to drop rapidly from 35 years. Men should not ignore this rule either. Although they are physically capable of conceiving a child up to the age of 60-70, the quality of their sperm deteriorates over the years, which reduces their fertility, sometimes as early as age 40.

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