What Is Anti-Cellulite Massage


    – Anti-cellulite massage: what is it?

    – Manual anti-cellulite massage

    – Mechanical anti-cellulite massage

An anti-cellulite massage corrects the cutaneous surface’s imperfections and allows to display a smooth skin, more toned, and radiant of beauty.

Effective and painless, anti-cellulite massage brings the same benefits to our body as manual lymphatic drainage, massage for pregnant women, sports massage, relaxation massage, and health and beauty wellness massage.

Anti-cellulite massage is capable of correcting most of the unsightly aspects of the skin:

    – Its regular application allows delocalizing the fatty masses at the origin of cellulite. It then tightens the skin to restore suppleness and firmness.

    – With this massage, people will have no problem eliminating the unattractive bulges embedded in the epidermis gently.

Anti-cellulite massage: what is it?

Also called anti-capital or orange peel massage, the anti-cellulite massage helps correct the skin’s unsightly aspects.

Its objective is to reduce the rate of fat cells contained under the skin tissue. This dissolution of fatty tissue will prevent cellulite from forming on the skin surface.

Anti-cellulite massage comes in several types; the patient can choose between manual anti-cellulite massage or anti-cellulite massage with specialized equipment.

Manual anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite self-massage

Easy to do, a regular self-massage will put an end to the aggression of cellulite. The technique used varies according to the desired result:

    – Start the massage by applying an anti-cellulite product chosen according to the type of cellulite to be attacked.

    – Massage the target area by directing your movements from bottom to top to replenish the blood flow to the heart.

    – Then, put your hands flat on the area to be treated and rub with circular movements.

    – Knead the skin surface to relocate fat into the tissues. For an optimum effect, each anti-cellulite massage session should last at least 15 minutes.

Good to know: Following a good eating habit helps the body to eliminate cellulite quickly.

The anti-cellulite palpate-roll

The palpating-rolling is one of the most well-known massage techniques used by anti-cellulite massage enthusiasts:

    – Its principle is simple; it consists of pinching the skin with the thumb and fingers and rolling this fold at the area’s level to be treated.

    – This movement allows us to take off and melt the fat stuck to the skin tissue.

At the same time, the anti-cellulite palpate-roll regulates the blood and lymphatic microcirculation:

    – Under this action, the previously delocalized fats are subtly eliminated by the body’s natural pathways.

    To better eliminate these toxins, it is advised to drink a lot of water after the sessions.

    – The sessions last about thirty minutes and must be followed regularly until the cellulite disappears.

Mechanical anti-cellulite massage


Developed by LPG Systems, endermology is at the forefront of the most popular mechanical anti-cellulite massage techniques. After proving itself in therapeutic medicine in the 1980s, the method was developed to overcome cellulite. It consists of the application of two massage rollers to the target area.

Here, we will talk about Endermology, a high-performance method that relocates fat under the skin, reduces cellulite and remodels the skin’s surface. In the end, a treatment with this method makes cellulite disappear while firming the skin. Endermology can be practiced in specialized centers or at home if you decide to purchase an endermology device. When using it at home, make sure to read the instructions to get the best results.

Other anti-cellulite massage appliances

Anti-cellulite massage devices are currently gaining ground. In the majority of cases, they imitate the movements performed during manual palpating-rolling.

An anti-cellulite massager’s advantage is that it is tireless, allowing you to produce a constant movement and choose its intensity during application.

Some of them also integrate IR (infrared) beams for better fat elimination.

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