Why Call on a Pest Control Company

Pest Control


What are the risks and dangers of infestations?

What are the precautions to be taken?

Pest control company: what kind of interventions?

Why turn to it a pest control company?

Interventions for individuals

Interventions for communities

Cost of interventions

An infestation involves many health and material risks. To avoid the proliferation of harmful insects on your premises, you can call upon a pest control company.

What are the risks and dangers of infestations?

The pests present in our environment can present dangers for your health and that of your pets, degrade your quality of life and cause significant material damage.

Here are some of the risks incurred because of an infestation:

– Risks of diseases: salmonellosis, dysentery, typhoid, tuberculosis, hepatitis, parasitic diseases, fungal infections, gastroenteritis, fever, allergies, hives.

– Risk of stings and bites.

– Risks of structural damage to your premises: the destruction of a building, damage to the framework and interior fittings.

– Economic risks and loss of income: partial closure of premises, change of equipment, etc.

– Health risks for your employees: sickness, industrial accidents.

What precautions should be taken?

To not be confronted with pests, you must avoid providing them with attractive and developing conditions.

Thus, respecting some simple hygiene rules can avoid their installation :

For private individuals, respect the following instructions:

– Ensure a correct, regular and adapted cleaning according to the rooms of the house or apartment.

– Ensure proper storage of foodstuffs.

– Carry out preventive and curative treatments for pets and their habitat.

– Avoid stagnant water, puddles near the house, saucers of flowerpots, etc… Ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

For professionals (commercial, food service or lodging premises), it is necessary to:

– Carry out an audit with a specialized company.

– Ensure a permanent and complete cleaning of the premises.

Good to know: signing a prevention contract with a specialized company is a good guarantee that the activity will be maintained.

Pest control company: what kind of interventions?

Pest Control


In general, a company does not only deal with Pest control but also with disinfection. It intervenes to rid a house, an apartment, a building or professional premises of pests of all kinds and provide its customers with precise information concerning the disinfection. For example, if it carries out rat control operations, the company tells you about the products it uses and the possible toxicity of those products.

As far as Pest control is concerned, companies intervene concerning the following categorization:

– Flying insects: moths, food moths, flies, mosquitoes, wasps;

– crawling insects: cockroaches or cockroaches (two different names for the same insect), ants, fleas, bugs;

– and all wood-boring insects that attack wood: termites, capricorns etc…

Why call on a pest control company?

A Pest control company can make a precise and complete diagnosis of your problems.

It has more specialized or more powerful insecticides than those used in the retail trade and knows what quantities to apply. It also has more efficient application systems than those available to private individuals.

An insect control company is equipped to deal with hard-to-reach areas (roofing, carpentry, etc.).

It intervenes either punctually or according to a subscription formula, with periodicity to be defined (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly).

Pest control company: interventions for individuals

Although effective products are commercially available to individuals, it is strongly recommended to call a pest control company at least in the following cases:

– infestation by cockroaches, bedbugs or termites,

– wasp nests placed in difficult places,

– presence of stagnant water leading to a proliferation of mosquitoes.

Pest control company: interventions for communities

As far as professionals or communities are concerned, pest control companies often intervene within the framework of a 1, 3 or 5-year contract, setting up a preventive and curative program to fight against all pests. For example, the agreement must specify the nature of the treatment, details of the premises to be dealt with, and the intervention frequency.

Usually, Pest Control companies provide a mission report after the Pest Control. For instance, this report indicates the number of apartments dealt with and their assessment of the condominium building’s infestation degree.

Pest control company: cost of interventions

Prices vary greatly depending on the companies contacted and the treatments dealt with. You can contact EAST WEST Pest Control to get an estimate.

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