Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath does not only affect you but it also leaves a very bad impression on others. People would either avoid talking to you or they would want to finish the conversation as soon as possible. If you are familiar with these situations and if you are suffering from a bad breath, examine your mouth first and take a look at the following list to know why you may have a bad breath instead of jumping to conclusions.

Poor Oral Health

Poor Oral HealthOral hygiene is equally important as your overall health. When you practice good oral hygiene –like brushing your teeth regularly, gargling and washing your mouth after every meal – you are most likely to spread a very good and positive atmosphere around yourself. You can laugh confidently, blow air and you won’t shoo away the person you are talking with. Good oral hygiene can also help you in maintaining strong teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay, avoiding cavities and gum problems and avoiding dental issues that can lead to severe pain and require expensive treatments.

Now, imagine you don’t have good oral hygiene, it’s obvious that your mouth will smell. When you don’t clean and get rid of the food particles in your mouth, the sticky buildup of bacteria will produce a bad breath odor. So, the more bacteria in your mouth equals the more you smell.


CoffeeWhether you are having a business meeting, pulling an all-nighter, going out on a first date or hanging out with friends, coffee would always be there. Trailing right after water, coffee is the world’s second most popular beverage. It has become such a huge part of our everyday life that it makes it nearly impossible for us to start our day without it. Studies revealed that most people could consume coffee 4 to 5 times a day. Consuming such a big amount of caffeine is grave. Its side effects include nausea, anxiety, insomnia and heart palpitations as well as a bad breath.

One of the main reasons why people are hooked on to coffee is because of its intense flavor –the same intense flavor that can lead to a fall in saliva production. And, I’m sure you know a decrease in saliva production can result in odor-causing bacteria.


AlcoholAlthough most of us are aware of the negative effects of alcohol, we still drink it. Why? The reason is simple. People drink alcohol simply because it tastes, smells and feels good to them. These people that I refer to are aware that alcohol comes with some health risks and yet they are willing to accept those risks because alcohol can make them feel happier, relax their inhibitions and make them put their worries on the back burner. However, if you want to get rid of that bad breath, you need to control your alcohol consumption.

Just like coffee, alcohol can be a cause of bad breath due to the effect it has on saliva production.


SmokingSmoking is a choice and the problem that comes with this choice is addiction. After your first smoke, things are never the same –it becomes so incredibly tempting to smoke again and again.

There are so many things that can go wrong with long-term, habitual smoking. The list of health conditions and side effects is literally endless and it’s no big secret that bad breath is featured on this list.

If a person smokes a lot, there’ll be a smoke odor on their breath. While heavy smokers will be the most affected, even occasional smokers can be unfortunate enough to suffer from bad breath. However, smokers have a poor sense of smell which means that they won’t even be able to smell their own bad breath. But, of course, others will notice it and it will make a big difference.



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