6 Reasons to Drink Coffee

6 reasons to drink coffee

For a healthy adult, 2 cups of coffee (2 × 100 ml) per day does not cause any health problems. On the contrary, caffeine (an alkaloid of the methylxanthine family), consumed in moderate doses, can positively affect the body: it can facilitate digestion or stop headaches, among others.

Nutritional info: 100 ml of espresso or brewed coffee contains 98 g of water, 0.18 mg of vitamin B2, 5.2 NE*, and 80 mg of magnesium.

Finally, is offering a coffee (to a healthy adult) a generous act? We may exaggerate a bit, but see for yourself: here are 6 reasons to drink coffee!

*The NE unit stands for “niacin equivalent” for reasons we cannot go into here.

1. To have better reflexes

6 reasons to drink coffee


Catching a dropped cup gets harder as you get older. But coffee drinkers experience a slower decline in their psychomotor skills.

Drivers are advised to drink coffee (reasonably) during a particularly long journey to keep their full attention on the road.

Indeed, caffeine affects the brain’s functioning, and many studies have shown that it favors vigilance, the speed of information processing, reactivity, and endurance.

Beware: if you are tired, coffee will not make you more rested. Stop and sleep!

2. To increase fertility

6 reasons to drink coffee

It has been proven that drinking coffee increases sexual performance in men. Two phenomena have been observed:

    – better sperm motility;

    – higher fertility in coffee drinkers.

It is also said to have aphrodisiac properties. Why deprive yourself of it?

3. To improve your memory

6 reasons to drink coffee

Memory can sometimes fail, and despite some precautions and exercises, it becomes a source of concern with age. This precious resource can be preserved by continuing to work on it throughout your life and… by drinking coffee!

Caffeine reduces memory loss. A little coffee after a meal and you’ll be able to remember all your phone numbers, yes, yes!

Several studies have highlighted the beneficial role of caffeine consumed over the long term in preserving memory and delaying age-related cognitive decline.

4. To wake up

6 reasons to drink coffee

It’s no secret that coffee boosts you, especially at breakfast. Some people can’t start the day without their caffeine fix!

Caffeine acts on the nervous system by improving mental performance because it has psychotropic stimulant effects (caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant).

Good to know: coffee can be aggressive to the stomach on an empty stomach and become laxative (it is also slightly diuretic). Eat simultaneously: a piece of toast, a cookie, a slice of brioche, a bowl of muesli…

5. To boost depressed people

6 reasons to drink coffee

A surprising study found that drinking 2 cups of coffee per day would reduce the risk of suicide by half. Indeed, caffeine contains substances that stimulate the production of:

    – serotonin, a hormone involved in anxiety;

    – dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for the thrill of listening to music;

    – norepinephrine is an organic compound that affects attention and emotions.

6. To reduce the risk of cirrhosis of the liver

Drinking 2 cups of coffee daily could reduce the risk of death from cirrhosis by more than 40%.

People with hepatitis B or C who drink coffee regularly also have a lower risk of developing non-alcoholic cirrhosis, hepatic steatosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma. Similarly, patients with chronic hepatitis C who drink 3 or more cups of coffee a day see the progression of their hepatitis gradually decrease.

Why is this? By decreasing steatosis, coffee consumption causes hepatic oxidation, increases autophagy, and reduces the activity of the mTOR protein, the latter being involved in tumorigenesis (and generally in cell proliferation).

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