Why Is Anger a Good Thing

Why Is Anger a Good Thing


Contrary to popular belief, anger can have positive effects when used wisely. Sometimes, a good outburst is particularly effective in resolving inevitable conflicts. In this post, you’ll discover the virtues of a good tantrum!

Anger relieves

In particularly stressful situations, it is sometimes better to release your feelings of anger than to close yourself off. When your body tells you it’s time to let go, you can finally let go (within reason, right).

How anger works:

Feeling threatened or facing danger, like a boil rising in your chest?

Your brain sends warning signals that it is responding to a need for energy.

This response takes the form of:

  • the mass release of the hormone adrenaline;
  • an increase in heart rate;
  • an increase in the speed of contraction of the heart;
  • an increase in the pressure in the arteries;
  • dilated pupils and bronchi.

Let this energy come and express your anger.

You will then feel relieved and rested, like after a little workout.

Good to know: adrenaline is a pleasure hormone secreted during an energy expenditure such as anger, laughter, and sport. Thanks to it, the body stays healthy longer.

It motivates

As a child, who has never had a tantrum when faced with their parents’ refusal? Paradoxically, we are more motivated by the desire for things we cannot have than for stuff we already have.

How can anger help you get what you want? How can it be a natural source of positive energy? Example: You ask your boss for a raise at the office, and he says no. Driven by a wave of healthy anger, you do not take this “no” for a definitive answer.

You do everything you can to earn the raise.

Motivated and pumped up, you impress your boss who grants your request, or your skills are not recognized at their true value, and you quickly find a new and better job!

Good to know: if you ask for a raise, choose your moment wisely!

Anger is liberating

Why Is Anger a Good Thing

Injustice has at least one positive effect: it releases dark anger in its victims. If you control your anger helps you express your concerns and get things done.

Anger opens up dialogue:

People who have trouble communicating don’t often share their ideas.

They build up unpleasant tension by holding in frustration and letting others take over.

When a calm discussion is not possible, showing that you are angry can finally get others to listen to you.

Adrenaline allows you to say things you would never have dared to in other circumstances.

Good to know: to get ahead in life, you need to love and value yourself. Don’t let someone disrespect you, or you will lose your self-confidence.

It takes the edge off

Most babies cry themselves to sleep. This anger is perfectly normal and helps newborns fall into the arms of Morpheus completely soothed.

Adults also need to let off steam to:

  • evacuate anxieties and stress;
  • calm down afterward and be appeased;
  • express their opinions and discontent.

Good to know: without getting upset, you will get the same results after a half-hour of cycling or cardio. Physical activity also allows you to let off steam.

It stimulates creativity

Why Is Anger a Good Thing

Some artists can’t work without a good nervous breakdown, which boosts their imagination and creativity. If this sounds ridiculous, even test the powers of anger on your brain.

Think of something that particularly annoys you: an injustice, an unpunished crime, a bullying teacher or boss.

Express your anger in an artistic form of your choice: writing, singing, painting, drawing, etc.

Enjoy the impetus that comes from this resentment… or not! And opt for sports if you have to.

Good to know: many therapists recommend art therapy to overcome stress and let emotions buried in the unconscious run free. Moreover, the WHO indicates that practicing artistic activities can benefit mental and physical health.


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