5 Good Reasons To Eat More Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular indulgences for many people. If it is so appreciated, it is for its unique taste and the different associations that accompany it. Moreover, if you consume quality chocolate, you can also enjoy many benefits.

Chocolate Is Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

A bar of quality chocolate has specific nutritional contributions. Indeed, it contains many trace elements, such as magnesium, iron, vitamin B2, and B3, etc. Each of these elements has a role to play in the body. For example, vitamin B2 contributes to the metabolization of energy, transforming calories from food into energy sources. All these components come from the fact that it comes from a tree that you probably know: the cocoa tree. Moreover, the quality of chocolate is represented by its cocoa content and not by the different delicacies that make it up. To benefit from the product’s advantages, it is recommended to consume dark chocolate, with a cocoa content higher than 70%.

Chocolate Is an Ally Against Wrinkles

In addition to the minerals already mentioned above, chocolate contains many others with numerous health benefits. If you’ve heard of antioxidants, dark chocolate contains a lot of them, with a much higher content than tea and wine. They have a preventive role because they help fight against the aging of cells and free radicals, which are responsible for the formation of wrinkles. This also explains why cocoa butter is present in many cosmetic products as well.

Chocolate Helps Boost Morale

If chocolate is so popular during times of depression, it is for a good reason. Theobromine, a compound mainly found in cocoa, brings a feeling of well-being and pleasure. Like caffeine, it also helps stimulate the nervous system to be more receptive to external elements. Associated with magnesium, theobromine promotes the secretion of serotonin, the happiness hormone par excellence. Indeed, it helps to fight against anxiety, stress, and depression. Moreover, having a good mood allows you to have better physical performance.

However, keep in mind that any excess is always harmful. Therefore, it is recommended to consume chocolate in moderation at a rate of 10 g per day.

Chocolate Is the Ally of the Cardiovascular System

At the same time, as they fight against wrinkles, antioxidants also contribute to the maintenance of the cardiovascular system. Indeed, components such as polyphenols and flavonoids fight against bad fats in the blood. This helps to unblock the vessels, thus improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure. Be aware that high blood pressure is the cause of several problems in your cardiovascular system, including stroke and cardiac arrest. Remember that these benefits come from cocoa, not from a high-sugar product.

Chocolate Is Simply Good

The best reason to eat chocolate is just because it’s good. Contrary to popular belief, dark chocolate is not a weight gainer. 100 g of chocolate contains only 572Kcal, which is less than you’re supposed to consume in a day. Consumed in small squares or integrated in various desserts, it is appreciated by practically everyone. Besides, it constitutes the main component of many delicious desserts such as ice cream, fondant, entremets, etc.

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