6 Great Tips for Waking up More Comfortable in the Morning

Tips for Waking up

The sun has just risen, and it’s time to head to the office for an exciting day full of promise! It doesn’t matter if you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Thanks to our tips, you’ll have no reason to be grumpy. The goal is to be in a good mood when the rooster crows!

1. Go to bed early!

Tips for Waking up

Sleeping time varies from person to person. Typically, it takes approximately 8 hours.

– The body needs this time to recover.

Going early to bed allows you to wake up feeling good and without dark circles.

– The trick to finding sleep: establish a ritual of simple gestures that will put your body in a better position to fall asleep.

Good to know: the bedtime ritual allows children to evacuate their night fears for children. Parents reassure their children and create a familiar atmosphere by doing the same things in the same order every night.

While reading has unparalleled sleep advantages, the same cannot be said for technological devices. They act as a stimulant to the brain, preventing it from relaxing. To start a calm and serene bedtime, you must:

– turn off the television at least 15 minutes before bedtime;

– do not take your cell phone or tablet with you to bed.

Good to know: networked electrical devices produce electromagnetic waves that can disturb the brain and prevent it from finding restful sleep. So it’s better to turn them off before going to bed!

2. A gentle wake-up call

Tips for Waking up

When the radio goes off at a high volume or when a bell rings, the body is surprised and becomes even more tired.

Treat yourself to a wellness alarm clock in a good household appliance store:

– a natural alarm with a soft atmosphere (savannah, sea, countryside, etc.);

– a song you like;

– a sound that grows progressively, little by little, to make you emerge gently;

– a light that turns on gradually so as not to dazzle you.

Once you are fully awake, warm up gently:

– in bed, move your head to the right and left;

– make circles with your feet.

3. Progressive light to mimic the sunrise

Tips for Waking up

Some smart clocks offer progressive lighting to simulate sunrise. Also, remember to close your blinds and be careful not to blind yourself to the bright light of a ceiling lamp.

– Invest in a bedside lamp.

– Organize your alarm clock according to the light you use: from the bedroom to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Good to know: You can regulate your light with the help of a low-energy bulb. Its gradual lighting, which starts gently and gradually becomes brighter, will not dazzle you.

4. Fight the urge to go back to sleep!

Tips for Waking up

The snooze function is a hit with heavy sleepers! It allows you to put off waking up for a few extra minutes.

But going back to sleep is the last thing you want to do in the morning:

– It can cause annoying delays.

– It is better to wake up slowly once and for all to avoid sleepiness.

Good to know: If sleepers are familiar with the snooze feature on an alarm clock, they are less familiar with the “nap” function. This function allows you to take a little nap after breakfast if the night is shorter than expected. To do this, you preset your nap time, between 10 and 120 minutes, and your alarm clock will accompany you during this recovery time.

5. Practice Yoga

Tips for Waking up

Yoga enthusiasts love to commune with the sun as it rises. Simple motions help stretch and awaken the body to begin the day. On the other hand, Yoga can assist the body to relax before bedtime.

Practice yoga:

– at sunrise ideally;

– during the day to relieve various ailments.

Good to know: a yoga session aims at releasing the cerebral and physical tensions of the body. This “letting go” frees you from stress, physical pain, and worries. You start the day more assertive and serene.

6. Have a good breakfast!

Tips for Waking up

It is still essential to give yourself some time to eat breakfast in the morning. Indeed, without a good breakfast, a little hunger can be felt as early as 11 o’clock and may cause an irresistible urge to empty the candy machine.

A good breakfast:

– tea, coffee, or chocolate;

– Cereal;

– honey for sugar;

– Fruit;

– a dairy product.

Good to know: Honey contains far fewer calories than sugar because it is made of natural glucose.

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