Get Your Smile Back With the Know-how of Denturists

Denturists are specialists in installing, adjusting, changing and repairing dental prostheses. If you have a complex about your teeth, resort to artificial teeth. It allows you to replace a damaged tooth or/and a missing tooth that can cause gum problems or displace other teeth. This article will show you everything a denturist can do to remedy this.

The Installation of the Dental Crown

This is a single-unit fixed dental prosthesis. It allows restoring its natural aspect, size, and function by working on its shade and position. It also protects the tissues of a devitalized tooth. It is recommended that you choose a crown if your tooth is too damaged to restore it to its root. If you wish to embellish your teeth, you have the choice between :

the ceramic-metallic crown, which is made of a metal base and covered with ceramic with a solid appearance and ;
the ceramic crown, which is 100% ceramic, is more expensive but less resistant.
To place a dental crown, we must first examine whether your tooth needs to be revitalized with the help of an x-ray. Then, the tooth must be prepared so that the crown can be worn comfortably. Next, an impression is taken to create an exact tooth model on which the crown will be placed. Finally, you must wait two to three weeks to have the final crown.

Dental Bridges

These are fixed plural dental prostheses. They are used to restore missing teeth with crowns attached to the abutment teeth. In other words, they serve as a connection between two solid teeth to fill a gap. They also involve trimming and sometimes devitalizing natural teeth to accommodate the bridges. Have your fixed dentures replaced by a denturist at least every 10 years for best results.

The Installation of the Dental Implant

The dental implant functions as a support for the dental crown. It involves implanting an artificial root into the jawbone. To do this, your gums must first be cut, the implant must be screwed in, and your gums must be closed. Before the implant can be prepared to insert the prosthetic crown, it is necessary to wait for the bone to heal. Sometimes it is possible to place a temporary crown at the first session. In addition, the implant does not require the size of the other teeth, and it can last a lifetime. The advice of a denturist should be sought before proceeding, as the placement of an implant requires a complex technique.

The Placement of the Inlay-Onlay

The Inlay-Onlay technique is used to restore teeth that have been affected by dental caries when crowns are no longer possible. On the one hand, the Inlay consists in restoring and filling the cavities of the damaged teeth in the internal part. To do this, it is shaped using a mold to fit the contours of the cavities. On the other hand, the Onlay allows covering only a part of a decayed tooth.

The Installation of Dental Veneer

Ideal for broken and yellowish teeth, the dental veneer allows you to recover your beautiful smile in no time. It is glued to the visible part of the teeth to restore their original appearance, or even better.

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The Installation of Removable Dental Prostheses

There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. The latter is the most used by women to make themselves look good. It is a plate that supports one or more artificial teeth hooked onto the other teeth. These artificial teeth must perfectly imitate the texture and color of your natural teeth. Among other things, you can choose a metal or resin support.

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